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Holistic Beauty is Life

My name is Tanya Mason and I made an amazing discovery.  Inorganic water is the answer to healthier, more beautiful hair and skin.

Throughout my career, I have promoted healthy hair and skin.  My background includes 20 years of practice, certification and education in cosmetology.   Many of my clients struggled with everyday hair and skin challenges.  I set out to find a solution to help them. 

Tanya Mason, Founder of MYWater Hair Solution

The Discovery

I was able to identify a common issue, dryness. For years, I was distracted by the marketing ploys of hair and skin care companies and assumed that towels, shampoos, man-made products and climate were the primary cause of dryness. Boy was I wrong.

Through extensive research and testing, I discovered that public tap water is the leading cause of
dryness of the skin and hair. During these experiments, I developed MYWater™ Leave-in Hair Solution to treat and combat the effects left by tap water. 

MYWater™ Leave-in Hair Solution provides a noticeable difference in cleanliness, softness and shine.

MYWater Hair Solution

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