Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend using no more than 2 oz. per shampoo.  Ideally, you need to cover all the hairs.   Depending on hair density, less may be required.

With every shampoo.  We recommend you shampoo your hair at least once a week, whether at home or in a salon.  Shop MYWater™ now.

Nothing has been added.  It’s what has been removed that makes the difference.  Our trademarked formula is unique in the industry.

No.  MYWater™ contains no added chemicals.  It is a mild solvent that removes remnants left by tap water.  MYWater™ will never alter your curl pattern.

MYWater™ is ideal for textured and curly hair.  We recommend blowdrying immediately after MYWater™ treatment.

Because your hair is finally, truly clean.  Depending on the density of your hair, IC Hair Polish is recommended to help control fly aways.

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