• MYWater™ Solution



      by Tanya Does Hair LLC

      Instant hydration for hair, skin, and nails.

      Includes an extra 2oz. applicator bottle with every online order.


      Available for shipping in the U.S. only.


      FREE BONUS 2 oz. bottle with every online order!




      The MyWaterSolution™ is a leave-in haircare, skincare, and nailcare product for all hair types, (kinky, coily, curly, wavy, or straight) textures, and styles.


      Instant Hydration

      MyWaterSolution™ provides instant holistic hydration for hair, skin, and nails and leaves a noticeable difference in cleanliness and softness.


      Cleanses Hair, Skin, and Nails

      MyWaterSolution™ removes what tap water leaves behind on your hair, skin, and nails.


      Nourishes Nails and Cuticles

      The MyWaterSolution™ nourishes nails and softens cuticles. It removes what tap water leaves behind to promote growth and strength.


      Eliminates Conditioner, Moisturizer, Heat Protectant, and Oil

      The MyWaterSolution™ replaces the need for conditioner, moisturizer, heat protectant, or oil, saving time and money.


      The MyWaterSolution™ provides easy, pain-free detangling and minimizes breakage and shedding. The MyWaterSolution™ shine lasts for days without weighing hair down.


      Legal Disclaimer:

      Statements regarding this product have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.

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