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MYWater™ Professional Training Workshops

Increase your clientele and your earning potential

MYWater™ Professional Training Workshops

A Holistic Approach to Hair and Skin Care

Learn a holistic approach not taught in beauty school. There’s a growing market for versatile beauty professionals who can meet the holistic needs of clients. Start yourself on the path to be a Holistic Beauty Specialist. Learn techniques to maximize your results on the hair and skin.  Discover how to style textured hair without the use of harsh chemicals like relaxers or Brazillian Blowouts.  

Save time and money.  This course will detail how to get great results with  MYWater™ applications.

You will learn to get soft, shiny results for your textured hair clients, and learn how to complete the styling process faster, and without the need for conditioners, relaxers, oils, or other styling products.

$1500 per student (non-refundable)

Tanya Mason Founder of the MYWater™ Experience

One on one training

Get exclusive, hands-on education using a live textured hair model.  Actively participate and demonstrate applied techniques used in the  MYWater™ Experience.

Each student will:

  • Learn holistic techniques for non-relaxed hair and textured hair styling
  • Receive a certificate in holistic textured hair care
  • Become a certified MYWater™ Hair Care Specialist and Professional Affiliate
  • Receive a MYWater™ Experience Starter Kit ($60 value)


MYWater Workshops and Certification


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No mannequins here! This course provides  hands-on training using a live textured hair model.  Students will participate and practice applied techniques used in the  MYWater™ Experience on the live model provided. 


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