Premium MYWater Hair Solution Service

Secret to Longer, Healthier Hair

Premium MYWater Hair Solution Service

As a stylist, I service many clients who insist on preserving their length.  I’ve heard the horror stories from women who were devastated after a drastic haircut that they thought would be minimal.  I understand why many don’t want scissors anywhere near their tresses.  Truth is, the secret to longer, healthier hair is really no mystery. Maintaining healthy hair does involve scissors, however.  

Trim vs. Haircut

Many women are apprehensive to any suggestion of cutting their hair.  But a trim is different.  A trim involves regularly removing any damaged split ends that left untreated, will result in frizzy hair, and potential breakage from further damage. 

I recommend a “dusting the ends” to remove any damage every 4 weeks.  The amount of hair removed is minimal and because the strands remain healthy, the length and volume actually appear longer.  

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